Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who's Responsible if an Anchor is Loose?

A building manager asked recently who's responsible if one of the anchors on the building roof is loose. The answer is "it depends on why the anchor is loose". The original installer should warrantee the work for at least a year from the date of substantial completion. The manufacturer should warrantee the product for at least a year. If the installer and / or manufacturer cannot or will not correct the problem, then you might contact another anchor installation company for help. If the anchors are out of warrantee, then it is the building owner's and building manager's responsibility... (click title for more)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Safety Tieback (Anchor) Rules

These are the general rules of thumb for locating safety tieback anchors - as per the ANSI / IWCA I-14.1-2001 - and per generally accepted best practices and common sense ... (click title for more)

The Meaning of Safety as it Pertains to Building Maintenance

If one reads all the OSHA regulations regarding the location of tiebacks (safety anchors), the strength or holding power, setbacks and spacing rules, it becomes clear that if you are in "construction" vs. "shipyards" vs. "general industry" different interpretations are possible. We like to think of safety as a concept and that it extends to all facets of a building, operations, training, equipment, people, awareness, education, and