Safety Assets

Most view safety as an incumbrance on their work and an expense for equipment that has an expiration date, has high maintenance costs, and it's hard to use, requires training, etc.

But safety is an asset. Avoiding injuries, work slowdowns, medical bills, paid leave or sick time, poor morale, tragic injuries, deaths has a certain value, and that value is very high. How much do you value your life? How much is the value of not having a $10M law suit. How much is the value of avoiding $250,000 OSHA fines and citations? How much is the value of avoiding the negative press? How much is the value of keeping your workers compensation insurance as low as possible?

It isn't easy to put a hard dollar figure on the value of safety. It is easier to put a number on what it costs to create an umbrella of safety from the ground up, including personal protective equipment and training, mobile safety equipment, temporarily installed safety gear, permanently installed safety gear. And so, determining the Return on Investment (ROI) of safety isn't easy.

Once a company decides to have a policy for safety and puts safety first, we can establish baselines and work with you to help determine the ROI. Please contact us for more ...