Monday, September 7, 2009

ANSI / IWCA 1-14.1 Important Lifesaving Standard Guidelines

Below are excerpts from the I-14.1 explaining certain codes that must be followed in the window cleaning industry, which includes the workers, the window cleaning companies, the building management companies that hire them, and the building owners ...

Section 4.2 Means and Methods

4.2.2 Existing buildings without the means and methods to safely clean its windows shall be provided with such a system and/or employ methods complying with the provisions of this standard.

Section 5.7 Rope Descent Systems (RDS) [such as boatswain chair]

5.7.10 While suspended, window cleaners shall not reach further than six (6) feet in any direction as measured from the plum line of the suspension point on the bearing point of the building...

5.7.12 ... On descents higher than 130 feet, provisions thall be made for stabilization. Such provisions may include: a) continuous, b) intermittent, c) workstation (suction cups). Descents shall not exceed 300 feet above grade unless the windows cannot be safely and practicable accessed by other means.

5.7.16(b) The securing of a rope to an anchor with a knot is permitted providing the specific knot does not decrease the initial breaking strength of the rope below 5,000 pounds...

5.7.16(c) All ropes shall be protected from contact with any surface that may abrade, sever, weaken or damage it.

Section 5.8 Transportable Suspended Powered Platforms

5.8.10 Transportable ground rigged suspended platforms shall not be used above 300 feet unless the platform can be continuously stabilized.

Section 15 - Transportable Suspended Powered Platforms

15.14.1 Buildings with service drops exceeding 130 feet in height shall provide a wind sway protection system, consisting of either continuous mullion track guides, intermittent stabilization, work station stabilization or angulated roping. When only work station or angulated roping stabilization is possible, descents shall not exceed 300 feet.

15.15.1 Ground rigged scaffolding may be suspended from roof support equipment provided the height of suspension does not exceed 300 feet unless continuous engagement is employed to provide wind sway protection.

15.17 Powered Boatswain's Chairs... must comply with all provisions of Section 15